Picture of the day: Even whales get into the holiday spirit

Even though environmentalists are up-in-arms about how the Japanese have offered the final humiliation to these beluga whales by placing Santa hats on their heads, I still find this picture oddly endearing. The whales certainly seem to be enjoying the attention. The one of the left looks like he’s just gotten the best fin massage ever, resting against the glass with his eyes closed and a gentle smile.

And furthermore, do environmentalists actually think whales have feelings? If so, we may have to offer them some counseling at the least, and more likely some white coats.

Who’s a good little Christmas whale? You are!

One thought on “Picture of the day: Even whales get into the holiday spirit

  1. Whales do have feelings. A lot of animals do. That’s why we can use animal models in neurological studies on emotion. As for how the whales seem to be responding to the Santa hats, I agree with you. They seem to be pretty chill with it.


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