What am I doing *right now*? Here’s what’s on my plate for 2022:

  1. Surviving: I’m just holding on as we approach Year 3 of pandemic.
  2. SPE4K project: We’re developing curriculum and professional development materials for elementary school teachers and students that provides age-appropriate lessons on digital privacy and security.
  3. Global Privacy Monitor: We building a corpus of privacy experts to begin measuring privacy attitudes and issues and identify data privacy issues on the horizon.
  4. Workplace Monitoring During and After the Pandemic: Michael Zimmer and I are analyzing data from a survey of 650 American workers about their attitudes toward workplace surveillance and concerns about future surveillance.
  5. PERVADE: We’re in Year 5 of our project and starting to wind down and pushing out publications.
  6. Teaching: In Spring 2022, I’ll be teaching one of my favorite classes, INST366 (Privacy, Security, and Ethics for Big Data).

Note: I try to update this page semi-frequently (read: not that often) with my current projects but I inevitably fall behind. Also, I’m not covering everything here, so if you’d like to chat about any of these projects or more generally about my research, feel free to email me.