What am I doing *right now*? Here’s what’s on my plate for 2023:

  1. Surviving: As we all are. Remember to take care of yourself.
  2. SPE4K project: We’re developing curriculum and professional development materials for elementary school teachers and students that provides age-appropriate lessons on digital privacy and security.
  3. Smart home privacy: We have some papers currently under review considering some of the challenges to designing smart home systems to enhance data transparency and facilitate greater data awareness and control. We just secured some funding to continue this work, looking at a variety of smart home environments.
  4. Transatlantic Privacy Perceptions (TAPP): This US/EU project is focused on understanding who and what is most influential in privacy policymaking.
  5. PERVADE: We’re in  the final year of our project, focusing on sharing out results and developing our decision support tool for academics and researchers working with pervasive data.
  6. Teaching: In Spring 2023, I’ll be teaching one of my favorite classes, INST366 (Privacy, Security, and Ethics for Big Data).

Note: I try to update this page semi-frequently (read: not that often) with my current projects but I inevitably fall behind. Also, I’m not covering everything here, so if you’d like to chat about any of these projects or more generally about my research, feel free to email me.