What am I doing *right now*? Here’s what’s on my plate for the 2018-2019 academic year (last updated January 2019)

  1. My team and I are continuing to work on our NSF funded project with colleagues in the Netherlands on cross-cultural understandings of mobile privacy decision making. This project will run through late 2019. Read more about it here. The project’s website is
  2. With my iSchool colleague Mega Subramaniam, we are continuing to work on an IMLS-funded project evaluating privacy and security challenges specific to economically disadvantaged families and to work with them and public libraries to develop resources to enhance digital literacy skills in this group. More information on this project can be found on our project website,
  3. I am a Co-PI on a NSF-Large project looking at big data ethics along with six other researchers. This is a four-year project running from 2017-2021. More details on PERVADE (PERVAsive Data Ethics) is at
  4. I’ll be at the iConference in March 2019 and ICA in May 2019, sharing some of my lab’s latest research and hosting TWO privacy workshops (see iConference workshop here and ICA pre-conference here).
  5. I am excited that the iSchool launched a new specialization in our undergraduate degree, BSIS (Bachelor’s in Information Science) on Cybersecurity and Privacy. I’ll be teaching a class on the privacy & ethics of bid data in SP19. More info on our BSIS program is here:

I try to update this page semi-frequently (read: not that often) with my current projects but I inevitably fall behind. Also, I’m not covering everything here, so if you’d like to chat about any of these projects or more generally about my research, feel free to email me.