papers by topic: online harassment

Social Capital (general) | Information-Seeking/Q&A | Social Support | Impression Formation/Impression Management | Privacy | Context Collapse | Online Harassment


Ashktorab, Z., Haber, E., Golbeck, J., & Vitak, J. (2017). Motivations behind the use of semi-anonymous Q&A social media platforms. Proceedings of WebSci ’17 (pp. 3-12). New York: ACM. doi: 10.1145/3091478.3091499 [pdf]

Vitak, J., Chadha, K., Steiner, L., & Ashktorab, Z. (2017). Identifying women’s experiences with and strategies for mitigating negative effects of online harassment. Proceedings of the 20th ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (pp. forthcoming). New York: ACM. [pdf]

Ashktorab, Z., & Vitak, J. (2016). Designing cyberbullying mitigation and prevention solutions through participatory design with teenagers. Proceedings of the 2016 Annual Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (pp. forthcoming). New York: ACM. [pdf]