Stop the kitty insanity!

Most people find it very strange, but I have never really liked pets. As my childhood friends would often tell me, I must have lived under a rock, because I had never been to the zoo, or the circus, or had a pet. I’m convinced that it is for this very reason that I have never warmed to animals (that and being chased by ridiculously large dogs twice during my youth).

Regardless of this fact, I can understand the happiness pets bring people. What I don’t understand is people who become obsessed with their pets. For example, dressing up your pets in silly costumes for your entertainment. Your pets are not there solely to make you laugh! If you consider your pet a part of the family, treat them with the same respect you would treat family members (of course, parents also tend to do this to their children, so I guess people just have no shame in general). Look at these poor animals. Did they ask for this to be done to them?

As if this debacle isn’t enough, there’s now a podcast (yes, I said podcast) devoted solely to the soft, soothing sounds of cats purring. Had a bad day? Why don’t you sit back, put your feet up, close your eyes and enjoy “Fatty” purring in your ears for half an hour. This is just people weirdness gone too far. TOO FAR I SAY! TOO FAR!