What’s all that thumping, you ask? It must be Michael Moore doing the “I told you so” dance

In not-so-breaking (or oh-so-shocking) news, the U.S. ranks last in healthcare among industrialized nations. Now, while I do enjoy Michael Moore’s passion for bringing light to important issues, I tend to agree with those who say he often goes too far. That said, this report is quite a slap in the face to all the naysayers who said Sicko was just a bunch of baloney. (Having not seen Sicko myself, I can’t really comment on it.) One thing I can comment on, however, is my own problems with the healthcare system, which have been almost entirely with the business of healthcare and not with the actual medical treatment I have received. To those of you who have always been on your parents’ plan or employed full time with benefits, you have no idea the nightmare involved with getting your own insurance. And god forbid you have a pre-existing condition. You might as well just say you have a rare form of leprosy that can be spread through the telephone. It took me months of forms and innumerable phone calls to get a plan in place (with one of the leading healthcare providers, mind you) and nearly cost me my sanity. Which, of course, would have been quite the problem if I had gone crazy before I had healthcare.

Read the AFP article here. I must say, the toughest decision for me would be choosing whether or not I was willing to deal with the French people in order to experience their top-ranked healthcare.


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