Here comes 2008…and a badass cold…yippee!

Here I was telling myself that since I had a nice, long break from school, I’d be able to blog so much more. Well, first there was the entire first season of Heroes to watch (thanks Lance), then an urgent need to replay Final Fantasy 3 all the way through (for the 187th time), then some books to read, and now, for the entirety of 2008 (all four days, I know), I’ve had to deal with this:

No, I have not had a small, very sad-looking child (with ginormous hands!) dropped on my doorstep. What I have had since I woke up on the first morning of 2008 is a very, VERY annoying cold. So I apologize for my recent lack of witty banter and smart-ass comments on the goings-ons of idiots all across this lovely planet, but my nose is rubbed raw, I’ve sneezed so much I think I have brain damage, and all I want to do is snuggle under my covers and have Morgan Freeman read me stories. (Johnny Depp in character as Jack Sparrow will do as well.) Is that too much to ask for?

Therefore, I promise there will be more action on the site very soon, as I plan on kicking this nasty cold to the curb ASAP.


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