If procrastination is a disease, then I think I’m dying

What is my problem? Why must I wait until the last minute to get things done? It’s like I need to feel the flames under my ass to get moving. So frustrating!

The problem is that things always do end up getting done, and they almost always turn out well. I’m sure there have been times when if I had started a week earlier, the end result would have been stronger, but I have turned beating the deadline with the least possible amount of time left into an art form.

I’m actually a lot better as a graduate student than I was as an undergrad. At Elon, I would sometimes find myself printing out a paper five minutes before class started. I don’t think that has happened in grad school. In fact, I’ve finished at least one paper more than a full day before it was due. Quite an accomplishment, I know.

Now that the end of the semester is looming, I am finding myself in the same predicament as I have been in so many times before. The problem isn’t so much the schoolwork. I have two papers to write in the next two weeks, and I’ve already done the majority of research. The problem is that I’m not just a student. I have two jobs, I TA, and, worst of all, I’m currently applying to six PhD programs, which require tons of paperwork, essays, recommendations, and more. And I certainly can’t half-ass my PhD applications: I’m financially invested in this process. There’s the transcript fees, the GRE fees and the application fees. These programs may bankrupt me before I begin!

It’s quite overwhelming really. But as much as I’d love to just say f*ck it and watch some more repeats of Ninja Warrior, my stupid brain won’t let me. I’ll get it done, even if I go crazy — well, crazier — in the process.

Ok, that’s enough of a self-pity festival. Time to get my butt back to work!

(However, if you’d like to volunteer to write some papers for me, you know how to reach me. I can pay in cookies.)


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