This Thanksgiving, I give thanks for “the internets” … damn, how lame am I?

Mashable, one of my favorite blogs, posted the following poll yesterday:

How much time will you spend online tomorrow?

  • None you sick bastards
  • I might check my email
  • I’ll probably be on for a few hours
  • Tomorrow is a holiday?

Now, those who know me well know I am not one for holidays. I inherited my grandmother’s bah humbug attitude toward most holidays, and Thanksgiving is right up there. Maybe it’s because I have such a small family so it just seems like any other family dinner. (Or maybe it’s that the true spirit of Thanksgiving has been lost in the food orgy, subsequent food coma, and the shopping insanity known as black Friday. Man, I’m a cynic.)

But why did I feel just the tiniest bit guilty when I immediately thought to myself that of course I’ll be online for a few hours today. I’m always online for at least a few days, unless I’m traveling. Maybe I should ship myself off to South Korea for a little boot camp action. Yeah right. I’d terrify those poor little Korean teenage boys. Well then, maybe I will go.

Happy Turkey Day people. Happy frickin’ Turkey Day.


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