Burger King steals classic RPG theme song for new commercial

I must admit that I love most of the BK ads released in the last couple years, especially the one where the guy wakes up and the king is next to him in bed. However, the latest installment, which shows the (vomit-inducing) breakfast of the future immediately caught not my eye, but rather my ear. When listening to the commercial, I immediately recognized the music, and could barely believe my ears. It’s the theme song from the original Final Fantasy for NES! I couldn’t believe it. I mean, don’t get me wrong, if you’re going to steal a song from a video game, Final Fantasy is a great place to go (although I think the Mega Man series has some of the best music of all time), but c’mon people, let’s think of something original when trying to sell our icky fast food.

Here’s the commercial (although you can barely hear the music on it, so I would advise turning the volume up on your TV next time it comes on):

And here’s a link to the original Final Fantasy theme song:

Now, am I right or am I right?