Blog Rename

While it originated as an obscure reference to a sci-fi/fantasy book I was reading at the time, my blog name tends to be a bit of a downer (unless you think my blog is all about the Elder Scrolls game, to which you would be thoroughly disappointed), so I’m thinking of renaming it to reflect the more academic nature of it. I mean, some may argue that grad school, especially at the doctoral level, could be conceived as oblivion (right now I’m thinking more along the lines of the third circle of hell, since I’m obviously a glutton for punishment), the subject matter I typically write about it not exactly apparent from the blog’s name.

Because I am braindead most of the time thanks to the stacks of reading I have, I’d like to get reader input. So please, send me your suggestions for a new name for this blog and why you think I should change the name to your choice. Or, if you think oblivion is the perfect name, tell me why I should keep it as is. And if I decide to go with one of these suggestions, maybe I’ll even send the person some delicious Vitak baked goods! (If you are unaware of my baking skills, (1) shame on you and (2) read this post and/or this post.)

So come on people, tell me your ideas!


2 thoughts on “Blog Rename

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