Happy birthday Google!

Consider this: Google has officially turned 10 years old. Ten! It’s not even a teenager yet! But can you imagine your daily life without Google, or everything it has impacted in the development of Internet search? I can’t. I was trying to remember my search engine of choice back in the day and can’t clearly remember BG (before Google), although it might have been AltaVista. Does anyone even use AltaVista anymore?

Anyway, in honor of their birthday, Google has brought back its oldest version, from which you can search its database as of January 2001. I tried googling myself (because I’m a narcissist) and only had three results, compared with the 650 or so I get when I search my name now. Pretty cool, even if none of the links for me actually worked.

I don’t care what other people say about you trying to take over the world, Google. I still love you. Happy birthday!


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