Quantify your Twitter addiction! (aka yet another to waste time when you probably should be doing real work)

While I’ve been on Twitter for the last six months or so, I’ve only really come around in the past six weeks and realized that I actually do love this quirky little service. Last week I blogged about my coming to terms with the fact that I am addicted to Twitter — I leave a tab open nearly all day. I hit refresh every few minutes. It’s not like I have a lot of followers (12) or even follow a lot of people (18), but I am a complete sucker for the instantaneous information updates the site provides (assuming it is actually up and working).

Well now there’s a way to check out your addiction across time of day and day of the week. The Twitter Chart from Xefer asks for your Twitter user id and voila, charts generate showing you your posting history across month, day and hour. Pretty sweet, eh? Apparently I’ve had a few 3am tweets going on — that’s not a good sign! But since I’m becoming a drunk-blogging/drunk-tweeting aficionado as of late, I’m not too concerned.

Here’s a chart of my meager 109 tweets: the x-axis is time, the y-axis is day of the week.

Vitak\'s Tweet Map

[Thanks for the tip, Somewhat Frank!]


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