Damn you Twitter, now I’m hooked … You’re like crack. Maybe we can call it twack?

Back in November, I blogged about Twitter with a heavy degree of trepidation about the site. I almost gave up on it as utterly pointless, but decided to renew my tweeting in March and give the site a second chance. Well, now I can say that without a doubt, I am hooked on the sweet, sweet crack that is this most succinct of social networking sites.

I should have expected this. I’ve always been a huge fan of the Facebook status updates and change my GChat status all the time. I find that I often use these two services to either express my current emotion (e.g., Vitak is screaming expletives from the rooftops) or to share funny links (e.g., my favorite lolcats). With Twitter, however, I find myself feeling the need to share my daily activities with the world, and it’s often not information I would consider posting in my GChat or Facebook. These daily ruminations do contain the occasional gem (my personal favorite thus far is “I played too much Nintendo as a kid…The rain kept changing direction on my walk, and all I could think of was board 2.3 in Ninja Gaiden 2″), but they’re usually the dull and boring comments on my thesis and the like. Maybe this is because so few of my friends and/or colleagues are on the site. I only have 10 followers and I only follow 15 people.

So then the question becomes: if I become more popular, will I change the content of my postings on Twitter? Will I become one of those people who tweets every time I post a new blog and use the site as a way to promote myself? Or will the site turn into a sort of time-delayed instant messenger, where I’m interacting with a number of friends at the same time? A public IM? Sounds like a strange concept, wouldn’t you think?

We’ll see how the summer affects my tweeting. After all, in three days, I’ll be officially done with my master’s program and will have a bit more time on my hands. Maybe I can develop a massive following and just tweet all day long, constantly.

Wow, that would be totally lame.

You can follow me on twitter here.


4 thoughts on “Damn you Twitter, now I’m hooked … You’re like crack. Maybe we can call it twack?

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