Like Facebook? In NYC this weekend? Well, come and hear me speak!

My academic checklist for this spring:

Write thesis? check

Speak at PCA/ACA conference in San Fran? check

Speak at Science & Technology conference in DC? check

Guest lecture for GU comp sci class? check

Speak at Critical Themes conference in NYC? damnit, still have something left to do.

So this Saturday, I will — for all intents and purposes — wrap up my master’s career with a final presentation on Facebook at the Critical Themes in Digital Media conference at the New School in New York. As per usual, I’ll be discussing my master’s thesis research, which included a survey of 644 Georgetown University undergraduates and considers the impact of online identities/online relationships on offline relationships. So if you’re going to be in NYC this weekend and have nothing to do Saturday around, say, 1:30pm, and you’re interested in seeing a dynamic presentation on social networking sites, feel free to stop on by! I’m sure it will be fun and exciting for the whole family.


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