Who’s getting busy and who’s wearing chastity belts?

I came across this rather interesting world map today that looks at the average age in which citizens lose their virginity. Looks like those crazy kids in Greenland, Iceland and the Scandinavian countries have figured out that sex is a great form of exercise that doesn’t require you to go outside in the -20 degree winters. Meanwhile, I am not at all surprised that Brazil also includes some of the youngest kids gettin’ busy, as I am convinced Latinos are born with a heightened sex drive. And I must say, I’m happy to see that the U.S. isn’t the biggest whore on the block for once. Although that might not be an accurate statement. Now what we need is a map of the world showing the average number of partners people have. Then we’ll really see who the whor…I mean, “free love” believers, are.


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