Geeks of the world unite, become so excited about Macworld that their quick little fingers shut down Twitter

I have previously mentioned my intrigue with the site Twitter. After about two months using it, I am still no closer to understanding its mass appeal among some of the dorkier techies out there. I especially don’t understand why so many people use it almost as a instant message chat room, where everyone can see what you’re talking about. I mean, phones do still exist people. And so do chat rooms, like through GMail, where NOT EVERYONE CAN WATCH YOUR CONVERSATION UNFOLD.

Anyway, I have given up trying to understand the appeal of Twittering. What really surprised me, however, was how all those dorkorific kids out there salivating over Macworld today and Steve Jobs’ keynote, actually brought Twitter to its knees briefly. Poor things, trying to find out if Jobs’ had chuckled or merely smiled after making some lame joke, they were instead greeted with this error message:


Poor babies. I’m sure they cried and hugged their laptops to their bony chests and screamed at god for being so totally unfair.

I’m sorry people, but I think we all need to take a step back from the the technology train that is bearing down on us at such an incredible pace. If you are really that upset about not knowing what is happening at Macworld the very second it happens, maybe you need to climb up the stairs out of your basement, put on some clothes other than your PJs and take a walk outside for maybe 10 minutes or so. That’s not asking too much of you. We’re all getting so caught up in technology these days that I think we’re forgetting where our real priorities are. And here’s a hint: they’re not related to the computer.

And that, my friends, is enough lecturing from my high horse for today. You can now resume you Twittering you weirdos.

[Thanks Techcrunch.]

UPDATE: Now, this is more of what I’m talking about:  Steve Jobs’  Key Note  as  a Drinking Game!


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