Between fits of crying over finals, I found another reason to cry

Although I realize this admission solidifies me as an uber-dork, my favorite television show for a few years in my early to mid-20s was Jeopardy. Even though I don’t watch it so much any more (especially since I tried-out and got rejected…which was probably a good thing, since I tried out for the same season that Ken Jennings dominated), news like this still upsets me.

I have two comments to make on this particular version of the story:

1) Why the hell does Yahoo! have an entertainment section called OMG? I’m sorry Yahoo!, but you’re just not that cool.

2) The picture of Trebek they’re using makes him look like he does some serious fake-and-bake-ing. What’s up with that? I mean, fake tans are acceptable up into your late-20s if you’re a normal person and mid-40s if you’re a celebrity, but Trebek is a dinosaur. I mean, he was hosting Jeopardy back in the 1880s if I remember correctly.

All kidding aside, I hope the man is ok, as I can’t imagine anyone else hosting Jeopardy. Hopefully, a heart attack isn’t much to deal with when you’ve walked away from a serious car accident.


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