Amazon offering pretty sweet HD DVD deal

Amazon is currently offering a deal where if you select one of three offered HD DVD players, you will receive 10 free HD DVDs. The three players offered, all on sale, range in price from $225 – $360. The catch is that you 1) automatically receive 300 and The Bourne Ultimatum with your purchase (that’s not much of a catch to me); 2) you then select three HD DVDs from a list offered by Amazon; and 3) you have to send a mail-in rebate for the other five DVDs you choose, from Amazon’s list. Oh yeah, and the list only has 24 choices.

Even still, this isn’t too bad of a deal. Of course, there’s also the debate as to whether HD DVD or BluRay will win the battle to become the next video player in America. Since there has been a ridiculous amount of debate already (and because I’m too busy at the moment), I won’t get into the specifics. I must say that I, however, will be waiting on the sidelines to see who wins before I go out and purchase a new DVD player. I don’t want to be like one of those poor souls stuck with a Betamax.


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