The headset for when your 13-year-old daughter wants to steal the car and talk on her cellphone hands-free

For the last 10 years, since I first decided I wanted a career in the communications/media industry, I’ve dealt with the question of diversity. Do more options make for a better experience? For example, the case of media consolidation is always a hot topic. As the power within the media pours into fewer and fewer hands, will this lack of diversity in ownership lead to a worse experience for the consumer?

However, this is my personal blog, so I will leave my deep insights and brilliant thoughts to my other, more professional blogs. Here I focus on the fun, silly, and dumb aspects of technology.

hello kitty headsetToday’s winner is the Hello Kitty and Chococat Bluetooth headsets. Now I do not have children, but if I did, I would certainly not be buying them cell phones before they are teenagers, let alone buy them headsets. Why does a child need a headset? What could they possibly be doing that required they use their phone hands-free? Maybe this is for those kids in DC who like to steal cars and then leave them burning on the side of the road. Now they can retain a sense of morals, knowing they are only breaking one law by stealing the car, and not two by not using a hands-free device.

We have got to stop turning our children into adults at such a young age. They do not need adult gadgets like cell phones, PDAs and the like while they are in elementary school. Let children be children for god’s sake. They should be climbing trees and playing tag, not texting their friends down the street or strutting around the house with a headset on so they can be like daddy (albeit a much more stylish daddy). Sometimes I feel like my generation was the end of the era, before technology ruled our lives. While I freely admit I am addicted to technology now, I am forever grateful I was free of it (for the most part at least) until my teenage years.

[Courtesy of Engadget]


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