Japanese robots: making everyday cleaning so much damn cuter

By now we are all aware of the Japanese love of robots. They make robots to serve every possible purpose. Knowing this, it was only a matter of time before they invented a ladybug robot that both cleans public bathrooms and talks to you while you, um, take care of business. The ever-so-cute Lady Bird, due out in 2009, will scrub floors and keep bathrooms looking neat and clean. Sensors will allow it to avoid patrons as they walk through the bathroom. And if the urge grabs you to ask the Lady Bird some questions, like how bad traffic is on the highway, it will have programming to allow for limited conversation.

Man, I love the Japanese. Not only have they brought me the joys of Final Fantasy, but now they make my life easier, and for the low, low cost of $32,000!

And just in case you’re keeping score in what I like to call the “Robot Wars”, this makes it Japan 13,465, USA 1 (courtesy of the carpet-cleaning Roomba).

[Courtesy of Engadget]


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