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After a somewhat extended hiatus, I have decided to revive my personal blog. The former location of this blog was MySpace, which I have, for all intents and purposes, retired from using.

However, I do maintain two other academic/professional blogs:

The first one is on the gnovis website and relates to the issues of my program (ie, communication, culture and technology). gnovis is a student-run, peer-reviewed, online academic journal, for which I am the Peer Review Manager.

My second blog is posted on the Pew Internet & American Life Project website and deals with similar themes, mainly the impact of technology on society. Unfortunately, I do not have a direct link to my posts on this site, so you either have to scroll through or search me by name.

I may just start linking those posts to this blog, so I have one central location for all of my deep musings. However, I do not currently have the brain power to consider the implications of this at the moment. So deal.


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